Black History Month Film Festival Day #2

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Published on Mar 30, 2019
Bang For Your Buck (Run time—approx. 20 minutes)
In post conflict Burundi one thing remains affordable to all: the grenade. Journalist Teddy Mazina follows the stories behind the headlines of never-ending explosive lethal attacks. The film will take us to meet the actual victims of the attacks who share with Teddy how it is impossible to have a semblance of unity when it is so easy to solve problems by throwing grenades, rather than working through issues peacefully. The film shows how the personal accounts are living breathing statistics resulting from the greater problem of illegal arms transfers which has handicapped a nation from moving forward in a mature, functional, healthy manner.

For Humanity: Culture, Community and Maroonage (Run time – 57 minutes)
The Maroons are groups of Africans who escaped from enslavement and established villages hidden away where they could practice their indigenous African culture and be free. This documentary explores the world’s first Maroon group in relation to what solutions they may have to offer for some of humanity’s most difficult problems.

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